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How to Install a Granite Countertop for an Entertainment Bar

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to install granite countertops for an entertainment bar.

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Step 1: Install Steel Plates

To support the upper countertop, install six 3"x12" steel plates along the top of the wall.

Step 2: Cut Grooves in the Wall

Use a circular saw to cut several grooves into the top of the 2x4 wall, and chisel out the thin ridges so the plates will sit flush to the top.

Step 3: Install the Plates Over the Studs

Ensure that the plates are installed over the stud locations to create even more support. Set in the first of two pieces that will create the lower countertop. Get help carefully lifting and positioning the heavy granite.

install plates over studs

Step 4: Install the Lower Countertop

Carefully set the other half in place, and slide up and over beside the first piece, making sure the seams are even.

install lower countertop

Step 5: Fill the Gap With Silicone Latex Caulk

Use a 1/16" plastic shim to level the two tops. Fill the gap with silicone latex caulk. To set the granite backsplash, apply caulk to the back surface and press onto the drywall.

fill gap with silicone latex caulk

Step 6: Raise the Electrical Outlets

Use longer screws to raise the electrical outlets flush with the new backsplash. Turn the power back on when finished.

Step 7: Place the Plastic Shims

To make sure the upper countertop sits evenly, place plastic shims across the top of the wall using silicone caulk to prevent sliding.

plastic shims used to prevent sliding

Step 8: Set the First Piece of Countertop

For areas with larger gaps, use pieces of 1/4" luan as spacers. Apply a generous amount of caulk along the top of the wall, and set the first piece of countertop into position.

Step 9: Set the Other Countertop Sections

Shim and caulk the rest of the wall before setting the other sections of granite in place. Caulk the seam where the two pieces meet. Slide the refrigerator under the counter.

set other countertop sections