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How to Install a Garbage Disposal (page 3 of 3)

Learn how to install a new garbage disposal under a kitchen sink with these step-by-step instructions.

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Push the Wires Into the Access Hole

Once everything is hooked up, push the wires into the access hole and replace the cover securing it with a screw.

Tighten down the electrical clamp.

push wires into access hole

Mount the Disposal System

Lift the disposal system and insert the top end of the mounting gasket into the mounting assembly.

Turn the lower mounting ring to the right until the mounting tabs feel snug.

Use adjustable pliers to lock the tabs over the ridges.

mount the disposal system

Install the Drain Lines

To install the drain lines, attach the P-trap to the tailpiece and trap arm.

Insert the discharge tube into the T fitting. Do not fully tighten the slip nut.

Insert the other end of the discharge tube into the disposal system (Image 1).

Next, use a screwdriver to secure the metal flange using the bolt supplied with your disposal system.

Tighten all of the slip nuts (Image 2).

Finish Installation

Slide the disposal system's bell over the disposal drain, then clamp it up.

Slide the disposal bell from the dishwasher over the barbed connection on the disposal system.

Using a screwdriver, clamp the fitting securely.

finish installation of disposal
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