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How to Install a Fireplace Surround

Host Karl Champley demonstrates how to easily install a fireplace surround from a kit.

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Step 1: Dry Fit the Mantel

Remove the old fireplace mantel (if applicable). Ensure the surface is smooth and free from dust and debris.

Dry fit the mantel, and ensure the legs are plum. Level the mantel, and check that sufficient space exists between the fireplace opening and surround. (This measurement is subject to local building and fire codes.)

dry fit mantel and ensure legs are plum

Step 2: Mark the Wall

Use a pencil to mark a line on the wall to use as a guide when installing the mantel surround.

Take the mantel down and verify with a 6' level that the links are plum and level.

mark line on wall to use as guide for mantel

Step 3: Secure the Legs to the Wall

Using a utility knife, cut grooves into the wall where the legs and mantel will fit (Image 1).

Use construction adhesive (Image 2). With a 1/4" opening in tip of tube, apply adhesive to one leg.

Press firmly against wall and floor (hearth), ensuring the leg is aligned with the plumb line (Image 3).

Repeat the process for the second leg and allow time to dry.

Step 4: Secure the Mantel

Apply adhesive to the top of both legs.

Apply adhesive to the back of the mantel.

Lift the mantel into place and press it firmly to the wall and down on the legs (Image 1).

Check for level (Image 2).

Allow time to dry approximately 24-48 hrs.

Step 5: Apply Caulk

Use sanded caulk and apply a 1/8" bead where the mantel and legs meet the wall. Wipe the caulk with a wet finger to ensure a smooth bead. Wipe the wall and mantel clean with a damp sponge.

apply bead of caulk where mantel meets wall