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How to Install a Countertop and Sink

Host Karl Champley shows how to install a counter and sink in a laundry room.

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  • Time


  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Choose a Sink

Choose a utility sink. A rectangular sink works well to serve as a utility sink. Make sure the sink will fit in the cabinet area of any pre-built countertop.

Step 2: Transfer the Dimension on the Countertop

Mark the outline of the drop-in for the sink. If the sink comes with a template, center the template on the countertop over the cabinet and trace it with a pencil. If it doesn’t come with a template, carefully measure the sink underneath the overhanging lip and use a straightedge and pencil to transfer the dimensions onto the countertop.

Step 3: Create an Opening

Wear safety glasses and use a power drill with a paddle bit to drill a hole at each corner of the area to cut out. Insert a jigsaw through one of these holes to cut from hole to hole to create the opening. When in doubt, cut slightly smaller than the line because you can remove more material if necessary.

Step 4: Fit the Plumbing

If the cabinet doesn’t have cutouts to accommodate plumbing, make the appropriate cuts to fit the plumbing rough-in.

Step 5: Fit the Sink

Make sure the cabinet and countertop are positioned correctly, and slip the sink into the cutout. Use a bead of plumber’s putty to seal under the sink’s overhanging lip.

Step 6: Connect the Water Supply

Install the sink faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions and connect the water supply and drain line. Turn on the water to check for leaks, and tighten the fixtures as needed.




  • Hand tools from Klein Tools
  • Sinks and fixtures from Kohler
  • Wire shelving from Closetmaid