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How to Install a Complete Kitchen Sink (page 3 of 3)

These step-by-step instructions show how to complete an entire kitchen sink installation from prepping the old sink for removal to reattaching the garbage disposal and checking for leaks.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Install the Faucet

Before setting the new sink in place, it's a good idea to install the faucet and hook up any lines saving some time under the sink.

First, set the faucet into place. Tighten the nuts on the back of the sink that holds the faucet into place (Image 1).

Hook up the flexible stainless-steel lines to the faucet.

Apply plumber's putty to the disposal system collar (Image 2).

Install the Sink

Insert the sink. Place the gasket on the disposal system on the underside of the sink.

Install the two flanges and the metal ring onto the disposal system, then tighten down.

Wipe away any excess plumber's putty. Put the sink into place. Be careful not to crimp the water lines.

Tighten down the clips under the sink. Reattach the water lines to the valve stops.

tighten down clips under sink

Attach the Disposal System and P-trap

Next, attach the disposal system and the dishwasher waste line to the sink.
Reconnect the P-trap.

Turn on the water at the faucet and check for leaks. Finally, turn the power back on at the breaker.

attach disposal system and P trap
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