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How to Install a Bathroom Tile Floor

Tile flooring is a great option for a bathroom because it's doesn't get damaged easily.

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  • Time


  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Start With a Full Tile

Alert: When installing flooring over a warming system, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Start with a full tile against the back wall and work your way across the room to see where to end up.

Step 2: Place the Spacers

Drop a couple of quarter inch spacers between the tiles the size of the grout lines you will want on the finished floor in order to get the exact measurements you will need. Repeat the process down the length of the room.

place spacers for grout lines

Step 3: Draw the Lines

Measure out the size of the tile (18 inches), plus a quarter-inch variance from the tub wall. Use a six foot level to draw the tile starting line, and carry it through the length of the room. Continue to do the same thing across the width of the room.

draw lines for tile

Step 4: Apply the Thinset Mortar

Use a wet saw to make any needed cuts. Using thinset mortar, apply it to the tile using a trowel, and then drag a quarter inch.

apply thinset mortar to tile

Step 5: Set the Tiles

Set the tile on the floor, applying even pressure around the edges (Image 1). The grooves created by the trowel are the most important part of the process (Image 2). The grooves leave air pockets so the thinset will dry beneath the tiles creating a permanent bond.

Step 6: Create Even Grout Lines

Place the tiles with spacers so the grout lines are nice and even on the finished floor.

place tiles with spacers

Step 7: Wipe the Tiles

Wipe down the tiles with a wet sponge to prevent dust from settling.

wipe down tiles with wet sponge