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How to Insert a Kitchen Mosaic Tile Design Above a Stove

Mosaics add instant class and style to your kitchen. Host Paul Wilson shows how to insert a kitchen tiled mosaic design over a stove and grouts the tile.

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mosaics add instant class and style to kitchen Watch Video

Step 1: Fit the Glass Tile

The mosaic Paul creates is picture framed with rectangular pieces of the field tile used. Then two full tiles are used in the middle with a hole cut out to fit the glass tile. The glass tile in the middle is in the shape of a diamond, with two colors.

mosaic created with field and glass tile

Step 2: Apply the Tile

Apply thin set and install the tile in the pattern you have laid out.

Step 3: Mix the Grout

For grouting, use sanded grout for the field tiles on the counter and backsplash, and use non-sanded grout for the glass tiles. There is a slight shade difference in the two.

Mix the grout with a 1/2" drill motor and the rod type mixer paddle.

mixing the grout

Step 4: Apply the Grout

Apply the grout with a laminated grout float, and be sure to push the grout into the joints with the flat edge of the float.

apply grout with laminated grout float

Step 5: Get Rid of Excess Grout

Push the grout over the face of the tiles diagonally with the flat edge of float to cut off excess grout.

Step 6: Grout all the Joints

Work in small manageable areas, and continue the process over the entire counter and backsplash until all the joints have been grouted.

Warning: Don't get the sanded grout in the joints of the glass tile because the sanded grout will scratch the glass tile.

Tip: For the glass tile inserts, use a laminated grout float to push the grout into the joints.

Step 7: Caulk the Countertop

Where the countertop meets the backsplash, use a caulking that's the same color as the grout. The sink is installed with the same colored caulking.

Step 8: Allow the Grout to Set

Allow grout to set and cure.

Step 9: Eliminate Pinholes

With a nearly dry sponge, tool the grout to eliminate pinholes, voids, highs and low spots.

Step 10: Remove Grout Residue

Do a final wipe with a nearly dry sponge pulled diagonally over the face of the tile to remove any grout residue.

Step 11: Polish the Tiles

Once the grout has hazed over, polish the face of the tiles with cheesecloth.

Note: Grout has to set for 24 hours before putting anything on it.