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How to Hide Wiring Behind Baseboard or Installing a Raceway (page 2 of 2)

Running wires behind baseboard or hiding them in raceways not only looks more attractive, but it also protects the wires from damage. Follow these steps to conceal wires in your home.
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Using a Raceway System to Run Wires

White vinyl raceways look neater than bare wire and give the wire run extra protection against accidental damage. Use square raceway for a single wire, and a larger size for two or three wires. The wire can be recessed in a chase cut into the wall surface when the room is remodeled, if you follow code restrictions.

Position raceway along the top of the baseboard. Attach the raceway using adhesive or screws, according to manufacturer's instructions (Image 1).

Open the raceway and feed the cable into it, leaving enough cable at the end for proper connection (Image 2). Snap the cover back closed.

Attach the corner piece so the cable can be fed into the receptacle base plate. The cable can now be attached to the outlet (Image 3).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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