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How to Hide a Drywall Patch

These step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to hide a drywall patch on a ceiling or wall using joint tape and drywall compound.

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hide a ceiling drywall patch
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Apply Wallboard Compound

Even out the edges of the patch with a hand plane (Image 1) and then smooth more using sandpaper. Use a lightly dampened sponge to wipe away dust and debris.

Mix wallboard compound or mud according to the supplier's directions. Take the 6" trowel and spread the mud in a thin, even layer over nail dimples and along the seams (Image 2).

Step 2: Apply Joint Tape

Cover the seams with joint tape, making sure the tape stays even with the seam. Use the trowel to press it firmly into the wet compound. Remember, spread the joint compound evenly so there will be less sanding to do later.

Apply a second layer of mud over the tape and allow to dry for a day or so.

cover seams with joint tape

Step 3: Smooth the Ridges and Blend the Compound

Once dry, dampen the wet-sand sponge and use it to smooth away any ridges. Mix more mud and come back over the seams using the 12" trowel (Image 1). Work fast and make sure to spread the compound in a smooth, even layer.

Use a paint roller to blend the compound into large open areas and give texture to the drywall patch (Image 2).

Come back later and prime and paint the area to match the room.