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How to Hang Waterfall Slates

DIY Network experts show how to hang slate for an indoor waterfall.

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Step 1: Place the First Piece

Before hanging the slate, decide which pieces need to go in which order. Carefully, lift the first piece of slate and hang it on the wall bracket. While lifting, push up the water disperser so it sits right on top of the slate.

lift first piece of slate and hang on bracket

Step 2: Hang the Copper

Hang the copper "curtain" on the wall bracket. This will prevent water from splashing behind the wall.

hang copper curtain on wall bracket

Step 3: Adjust the Water Disperser Bar

Adjust the water disperser bar. Make sure it’s firmly seated behind the bracket between the melamine and the steel. The front should sit snugly on the beveled edge of the slate.

adjust water disperser bar

Step 4: Clean any Debris

Vacuum any dirt and debris that's in the basin.

Step 5: Slide the Splashguard Into Place

Set in the splashguard by sliding it into the basin. Set it as far as it will go against the back of the slate.

set in the splashguard

Step 6: Position the Side Rails

Position the side rails onto the edges of the slate.

position the side rails

Step 7: Position the Decorative Cover

To cover the copper basin and hide the J-brackets, slide the decorative cover into place.

slide decorative cover into place

Step 8: Measure for the Light Hood Placement

Measure and mark the placement for the light hood. Tap and screw in a couple of wall anchors.

mark placement for light hood

Step 9: Attach the Light Hood

Position the light hood over the slate (image 1), and fasten it into the wall using a right angle impact driver (image 2).