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How to Hang Photographic Wallpaper

Photographic wallpaper can add a picturesque backdrop to any room. Follow these step-by-step instructions to apply a photographic wall treatment.

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Step 1: Lightly Mark the Walls

First, mark the walls for each panel (Image 1). The panels come in six 4’ x 4’ pieces, 3 for the top and 3 for the bottom. Then mark registration lines at the height of each wallpaper panel using a level (Image 2). This will help line up the panels evenly on the walls.

Step 2: Mix the Glue

The glue that comes with the wallpaper is in powder form, so add some powder, a little at a time, to the water, stirring constantly (Image 1). The glue has a watery consistency, but make sure to get all of the lumps out before starting (Image 2). Once it's mixed, let it set up for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Apply the Glue

Paint the glue onto the back of the panel with long even strokes, making sure to cover the whole back surface. Allow the pasted panel to sit for one minute.

Step 4: Line Up the First Panel

Bring the first panel to the wall and line it up with the level registration line.

line up first panel with level

Step 5: Apply and Smooth Out the Wallpaper

Use a wallpaper brush to smooth out the panel from the center to the edges (Image 1). It is important to cover the edges and corners with plenty of glue to keep the wallpaper from peeling along the panel's edges (Image 2).

Step 6: Flatten With a Wallpaper Roller

Once all of the big bubbles and bumps are smoothed out, use a wallpaper roller to flatten it further. Then, using a damp sponge or cloth, wipe away any excess paste from the surface of the wallpaper.

use wallpaper roller to flatten out bumps

Step 7: Add the Remaining Panels

Continue adding panels until the whole wall is covered; line up the pattern as you go. Make sure to cut openings for any outlets and/or light switches.

continue adding panels until whole wall is covered