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How to Hang a Custom Canopy

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to hang a custom canopy over a front doorway.

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Step 1: Measure and Mark the Center

Measure the width of the porch, and mark the center of the measurement with a piece of tape that's easily visible.

measure and mark center of porch

Step 2: Mark the Wall

Mark the wall to get proper height. Use two levels to transfer the line on the porch to the soldier's course over the doorway. Also mark it with a piece of tape.

mark wall to get proper height

Step 3: Mark the Canopy's Center

Locate the center point on the canopy's frame and mark it as well. With the measurements marked, it's time to position and secure the canopy. Align the marks and mark the anchor locations in the mortar joints of the bricks. Mark the sides where a mortar joint meets the copper edge trim.

locate center point on frame of canopy

Step 4: Drill Holes

Drill holes for the anchors on the marks using a metal drill bit.

drill holes for anchors

Step 5: Insert the Wall Anchors

Raise the canopy back into position and mark the hole locations in the mortar joints using a masonry bit. Pre-drill all the mounting holes and insert wall anchors.

insert wall anchors

Step 6: Secure the Canopy

Secure the canopy to the house using 1-1/2" stainless steel screws. Work across the top, and then down the sides.

secure canopy to house

Step 7: Attach the Bracing

Pre-drill the 1 x 2 brace along the bottom of the canopy frame, staying in-line with the mortar joints. Tighten 2-1/2" coated masonry screws through the bracing.

Step 8: Apply the Caulk

Apply a heavy bead of silicone caulk to the edge where the canopy meets the home's exterior surface.

apply caulk to edge where canopy meets wall