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How to Grout Headboard Tile

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to grout tile work on a headboard, and also shows how to clean it up.

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create headboard made of stone and metal tile
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Step 1: Fill the Grout Joints

Mix up non-sanded latex-modified grout. When the grout has reached a consistency just a little thinner than peanut butter, use a plastic bag to transfer the mixture to a regular squeeze bottle. Start filling the tiny grout joints on the columns. Use fingers to make sure the grout gets fully into each space. Use the same grout mixture to grout around metal tiles, and then come back and color the grout later.

fill tiny grout joints on columns

Step 2: Wipe Down the Tiles

When the entire area has been grouted and has dried to a light haze, use clean water and a sponge to wipe down the tiles. Take care to make sure the sponge isn't too wet -- which could remove some of the grout. Repeat technique for the arch and headboard.

use clean water and sponge to wipe down tiles

Step 3: Fill the Arch Joints

Grout the small joints of the arch using the same method as the columns. Start with the long seams across the arch, and come back and fill the joints between the metal tiles. Lastly, fill the joint at the top of the headboard between the quarter round and the metal liners.

Step 4: Fill the Grout Lines

Use a utility knife to remove all the tile spacers. Because the remaining grout joints are larger than 1/8" thick, mix the sanded grout. Mix the powder with water to the same consistency as the non-sanded grout previously used. Work the grout into the grout lines using a float.

work grout into grout lines using float

Step 5: Clean the Area

Work the grout around the metal accent tiles without covering them completely. Use a sponge to clean the area after the grout has dried.

Step 6: Color the Grout Joints

Apply the caulk in the same color as the grout to the tile areas that meet the wall. Color the grout joints between the metal accent tiles using a colored marker or lead pencil.

color the grout joints