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How to Grout a Slate Floor

Follow these instructions on how to grout a slate floor.

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Step 1: Apply the Grout

Work the grout into the joints with a rubber float in a figure-eight pattern. Pack the material into the joints until the joints don’t take any more grout, but don’t push down too hard or you’ll imbed the grout into the face of the stone and add to the clean up time.

use a rubber float to work grout into joints

Step 2: Clean the Tile

Work sections at a time and as you finish one section, and wipe down the stone in each area to remove the majority of the grout. Clean the surface of the tile by running a clean damp sponge across the tile on diagonals. Don’t scrub the surface. This will remove the grout from the joints. Run the sponge lightly over the surface several times. Repeat until only a light grout residue remains.

lightly sponge tile to remove grout residue

Step 3: Apply the Sealer

After the grout has completely dried, thoroughly clean the stone and seal it. Once the stone has been sealed and dried a second time, the floor is ready to be enjoyed.