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How to Give Cabinets a Tuscan Facelift

Faux painting does the trick when it comes to creating that "old-world" feel on these cabinets. Learn how to give your own cabinets that Tuscan villa look with these easy steps.

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refacing old kitchen cabinets
  • Time

    Several Weekends

  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Prepare the Doors

Prepare the doors by first marking them so you'll know where they go. Remove all the hardware and save the hinges and screws and create a workspace where you can lay out all the doors. Using an orbital palm sander, sand front of doors to remove the finish. Lastly, Wipe off the doors with a tack cloth.

sand off old finish on existing cabinets

Step 2: Add Decorative Details to the Doors

Visually decide where you would like the decorative pieces (Image 1) to go. Measure the doors and the transfer the measurements to the rest of the doors for consistency. You measure because you want the overlays to be properly aligned. Using a jet-melt glue gun apply the pieces to the doors (Image 2).

Tip: Move quickly because the glue dries quickly.

Step 3: Faux Paint the Cabinet Doors and Boxes

Apply the base coat. Mix 1/2 primer/sealer and 1/2 base color and brush it on. After it has dried, apply a second coat Brush on the base coat and be sure to follow the grain. After the second coat has dried, apply the third coat
Next, mix 1/2 Flotrol and 1/2 selected color (burnt umber). Brush on liberally and be sure to get into the ridges. Wipe off with a rag, leaving paint in the grooves and crevices and allow time to dry.

Apply the final highlight coat by selecting the top coat highlight color and use the dry brush technique that was utilized earlier. Apply the paint to the brush and wipe off the majority on a piece of newspaper. Apply to the door — brushing with the grain of wood. Allow time to dry.

stain or paint surface of cabinet doors