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How To Give a Desk a Faux Leather Look

An heirloom desk receives a faux leather makeover and a surprising border.

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border pattern was created with lace and paint
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Step 1: Prepare the Desk

Clean and dust the desk. Touch up obvious scratches with D144-B custom dark brown paint and a small brush. Tape off the panel on the top of the desk, starting 3" in at the front and back and 8" in on either side.

clean and dust desk

Step 2: Seal the Panel Area

Sand the panel area and wipe free of dust; seal the inside tape edges with a thin line of varnish to prevent paint bleed under the tape.

seal panel area with varnish

Step 3: Apply the First Two Coats of Paint

Apply a coat of Georgian Brick to the panel with a foam brush (Image 1). When the first coat is dry, brush on a coat of Deep Rose paint, again using a foam brush and working in a crisscross fashion (Image 2).

Step 4: Add the Glaze

When the paint is dry, brush on a custom brown/black glaze in a crisscross pattern and, while wet, pounce with a large round stippling brush in a circular design to create a textured faux leather finish. Work in small areas of the panel, repeating the process until the panel is completely pounced.

apply glaze with large round stippling brush

Step 5: Create the Border

The border pattern is created with lace and gold paint. Tape the lace in place on both sides (Image 1) and pounce with a stippling brush dipped in Golden Fluid Acrylics Iridescent Bronze paint (Image 2).