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How to Fix Common Wallpapering Problems (page 2 of 2)

If your wallpapering job didn't go as well as planned, we can show you how to fix common wallpapering mistakes such as gaps, tears and bubbles.
Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Repairing Torn Wallpaper

Paper is delicate and can sometimes be torn by a sharp object. You can often repair damage by carefully repositioning the torn section.

Carefully pull back the torn section of paper (Image 1).

Apply border adhesive or white glue to the wall with a small brush, taking care not to get it on the front of the paper (Image 2).

Smooth the paper back into place with a damp sponge, removing excess adhesive (Image 3).

Reattaching Paper That Is Lifting Off

Paper commonly lifts at its base, which is normally the junction with the baseboard. Poor initial application or moist air in a bathroom are the main causes.

Peel back the lifted section of paper, and apply border adhesive or white glue to it (Image 1).

Use a damp sponge to smooth the paper back into place (Image 2).

When the adhesive is dry, apply caulk along the seam between the paper and the wall (Image 3).

Getting a Bubble Out of Wallpaper

Bubbles normally occur because of poor initial application. Where there are lots of bubbles, replace the paper. Where there are only a few bubbles, repair as shown.

Using a utility knife, cut open the bubble with a cross cut (Image 1).

Open out the four leaves of the cut and apply a small amount of white glue with a small brush (Image 2).

Use a sponge to smooth the leaves back into place (Image 3), and allow to dry thoroughly.

Repairing a Peeling Seam

Seams normally peel because of poor initial application or because of an overlap. Overlaps are sometimes unavoidable, and (particularly with vinyl papers) they tend to peel easily if white glue was not used on the overlap during initial application. In either case, overlaps or peeling seams are easily repaired by using the following technique.

Sometimes when paper dries, the seams between sheets peel and look unsightly (Image 1).

Carefully use a utility knife to pry back the overlap just enough to apply adhesive beneath it (Image 2).

Apply a small amount of white glue, taking care not to get it on the front of the wallpaper (Image 3).

Apply gentle pressure with a seam roller to flatten the seam edges together (Image 4).

Wipe the seam clean with a wet sponge (Image 5).

Dry the seam with a cloth, working in one direction to smooth the seam (Image 6).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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