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How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems in the Bathroom (page 1 of 2)

Learn how to repair clogged traps, blocked drains, stopped-up toilets and weak showers.
Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Unblock Traps

One of the most common areas where blockages occur is in traps. A basin trap is shown here. Snakes can unclog many types of traps, but sinks usually need to be dismantled for the blockage to be removed.

Materials and Tools:
old toothbrush
replacement washers

Undo the sink trap (Image 1). Position a bowl beneath it to catch any water.

Remove debris (Images 2 and 3) and wash the trap in a bucket of clean water. An old toothbrush is an ideal cleaning tool.

Replace the trap. It is worth replacing worn washers while the trap is disassembled to prevent future leaks.

Unclog the Sink Drain

Clogs in bathroom sinks are fairly common, and they usually occur near the pop-up assembly of the drain.

Materials and Tools:
drain plug adjustment arm

Remove the spring tab from the drain plug adjustment arm (Image 1).

Remove the ball valve from the sink trap (Image 2).

Remove the pop-up plug and then remove the debris clogging the sink (Image 3).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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