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How to Fix Common Painting Problems (page 1 of 2)

If your paint job didn't go as well as planned, we've got ways you can fix common painting mistakes such as drips, brush marks and stains.
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Removing Drips

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Drips are caused by poor technique — usually overloading the brush during application.

Drips may look unsightly but can be easily removed (Image 1).

Use a scraper to scrape back the paint drips (Image 2).

Sand the area to a smooth finish (Image 3). Repaint the sanded area.

Hiding Stains

Stains are caused by smoke damage or not properly priming before painting. The wall should always be cleaned then primed. You can also treat stains caused by mildew this way, provided the cause of the problem has been fixed.

Clean the area thoroughly with TSP, then allow the surface to dry completely (Image 1).

Apply stain blocker or oil-based undercoat over the stain (Image 2).

Allow the stain blocker or undercoat to dry, then recoat with spare topcoat (Image 3).

Smoothing a Gritty Finish

Rough or gritty finishes are a result of poor preparation or impurities introduced into the paint during application. Always decant paint into a kettle when using a brush, and stir and sieve old paint before you use it again.

A gritty paint finish spoils the appearance of a painted surface (Image 1), but it is easily remedied.

Use sandpaper to sand the area back (Image 2). Clean down with a cloth to remove dust.

Repaint the area with topcoat (Image 3).

Removing Wrinkled Paint

This effect is created by painting coats too quickly, and not allowing adequate drying time. It can also be caused by extremes of temperature while the paint is drying.

This problem (Image 1) requires stripping, sanding and repainting in order to get the desired finish.

Strip paint completely using chemical stripper or a hot air gun (Image 2).

Sand down the area and repaint (Image 3).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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