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How to Fix a Dribbling Showerhead

Finders Fixers host and home inspector Rick Yerger demonstrates how to fix a dribbling showerhead. These step-by-step instructions show how easy this fix can be.

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  • Time

    15 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Remove the Showerhead

Remove the showerhead and check to make sure debris isn't blocking the flow of water

remove showerhead and check for debris

Step 2: Apply Teflon Tape

Once the showerhead is cleared of anything blocking the water flow, replace the Teflon tape. Wrap it clockwise around the nipple, overlapping it two to three times -- this helps seal the threads and prevent leaking.

teflon tape seals threads and prevents leaking

Step 3: Replace the Showerhead

Replace the showerhead and check the water pressure.

If the water flow is still weak, remove the showerhead again and double-check to make sure that water is flowing out of the nipple. If the flow is good, that means there's more debris down inside the existing showerhead. Replace with a new showerhead and that should solve the problem.

replace showerhead and check water pressure