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How To Finish a Hot Tub Installation

Learn how to install all the hot tub extras, like a 10-inch shelf that attaches to the top of the hot tub to hold drinks and towels.

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installing equipment to run hot tub
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Dry-Fit the Pieces

Dry-fit the freeze control so it joins the outlet pipe to the inlet that goes into the pump (Image 1). Then, the ionizer goes in the middle of the hot tub outlet pipe. With the dry-fit complete, you can continue by gluing all of the PVC together (Image 2).

Step 2: Seal the Pipes

It is imperative to use the primer on the flexible PVC pipe (Image 1), or it won’t bond properly and you’ll have leaks. It’s okay to skip it on the rigid pipe, but not flexible. Cap off the last jet. Install air dials for the jets with PVC glue (Image 2).

Step 3: Fill the Tub

Finally, fill the tub with a garden hose. Once all the electrical connections are made, it should take about six hours to heat.