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How To Felt a Pool Table

Restore an old pool table to its former glory, or just give it a new look, by replacing the felt.

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restore an old pool table by replacing felt
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    $250 - $500

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Step 1: Take the Table Apart

Start by removing the pockets of the pool table. Then undo all the bolts that hold the top of the table into place. Lift off the picture frame top and lay it upside down on the ground or work space.

take the table apart

Step 2: Remove the Old Felt

Now strip all of the staples that hold the felt to the table. Remove the old felt.

Step 3: Seal the Seams of the Slate

Underneath the felt is the slate surface (Image 1). The slate consists of 3 pieces that each weigh about 250 pounds. Seal the seams of the slate by melting beeswax into the crevices with a torch (Image 2). Once the wax dries, scrape off the excess wax, making the surface smooth (Image 3).

Step 4: Attach the New Felt and Bumpers

Staple the new felt into place (Image 1). Make sure to pull the felt tight on the sides (Image 2). Cut holes in the fabric where the new pockets will go. Recover the frame bumpers by installing a wood feather strip to hold the felt onto the rail. Then staple the felt in place under the frame using a staple gun, pulling the felt tight as you go (Image 3).

Step 5: Put the Frame Back and Re-Install the Pockets

Put the finished frame back on the table and bolt it back into place (Image 1). Tighten with an extension wrench. Install the new pockets, which easily slip through the holes and new felt, right into place (Image 2).