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How to Design a Convenient Kitchen

Cooking is much more enjoyable in a well-organized kitchen.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Create Extra Space

Start by putting away gadgets you use infrequently. You'll appreciate the extra counter space. Remove knives from drawers and keep them in a knife block on a counter safely out of reach of children. For galley or small kitchens, look for a counter-depth refrigerator that gives you six inches of extra space. This will make it easier to maneuver around in tight spaces.

Step 3: Keep Supplies Neat and Organized

Keep frequently used items within easy reach. Use sliding shelves and racks to keep supplies neat and organized. If it's easier to see, it'll be easier to find. Minimize lifting by keeping plates and bowls in a drawer rather than a cabinet. Create separate drawers for long handle and short handle utensils to help prevent tangles.

Step 4: Choose Multi-Dimensional Appliances

Choose appliances that provide maximum efficiency, offering multiple functions in one location. Have the space set up with defrosting above, simmering on top, baking within and warming below. Look for sinks with a cutting board built in so you can scrape scraps right down the drain.