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How to Demolish a Kitchen

Host Paul Ryan and his brother Tom show how to demolish a kitchen by removing old cabinets, a vent hood, a sink and countertops.

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    $100 - $250

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Cap Off the Wires

Be sure to kill the power before removing the vent hood. Unscrew the access panel and remove. Snip the wire. Reuse the wire nuts from the hood vent to temporarily cap off the wires if you will use them again for the new hood. Then unscrew and release the hood.

Note: If reusing cabinets for storage, be careful with the demolition.

temporarily cap off wires if using them again

Step 2: Take Out the Sink

When removing the sink cabinets, turn off the water supply lines. Also, turn off the main water supply as an added precaution in case of damage when removing the sink cabinets. Disconnect the plumbing and take out the sink with a pry bar.

take out sink with pry bar

Step 3: Remove the Countertops

Remove the old countertops, but be extra careful with the old nails.

Step 4: Remove the Vinyl Floor

To remove the old vinyl floor, score it with a circular saw. Set the blade to the depth of the layer of the floors without cutting through the subfloor and the floor joists. Cut with a "X" pattern so you can get the pry bar under the layers in several different areas. Use a take-up shovel to remove the flooring.

remove old vinyl floor