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How to Demolish a Kitchen Wall

Demolishing a kitchen wall is an easy process that can add space to your home. Learn how to demolish a kitchen wall safely with these easy step-by-step directions.

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Step 1: Remove Dishwasher

Turn off power at the breaker box, then disconnect appliances and cut the water-supply line. Remove the dishwasher, followed by the range, using an appliance dolly, if necessary.

Step 2: Remove Sink

Unscrew the cabinets from the wall and remove. Remove the sink. For large banks of cabinets, pry off the countertop first.

Step 3: Remove Drywall

Pound holes in the drywall with a hammer and then pull it off in chunks.

Step 4: Remove Metal Studs

Remove the metal studs from the track. You may need to unscrew some of them; others can easily be knocked out of place.

Note: Metal studs are typical for commercial construction, especially a residential high-rise building, because they're both easy to install and fire resistant.