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How to Demolish a Kitchen for a Remodel

An out-of-date kitchen can really make a home suffer. Learn how to safely demolish a room so a remodel can begin with these easy-to-follow directions.

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demolish kitchen for remodel

Step 1: Remove Counter

Use a reciprocating saw to cut the countertop and then just pull it out.
Note: A reciprocating saw will even cut through screws!

Step 2: Remove Sink

Be sure and disconnect all of the plumbing before removing the sink.

Step 3: Remove the Vent From the Cabinets

To release the vent from the cabinets, remove the screws. Snip the loose wires. When you snip the wires, make sure the power is turned off!

release vent from cabinets

Step 4: Release the Backsplash

Then, use a pry bar and hammer to release the connected backsplash from the wall.

Step 5: Take Down the Ceiling Grid

A suspended ceiling grid with long pieces of T-channel run the length of the ceiling with short cross pieces (Image 1).

With a hammer bust out the short pieces and then clip the wire holding the long channels (Image 2). Unscrew the side angles along the sides of the ceiling.

Step 6: Disconnect Your Light Fixtures

Turn off the power. Disconnect the wires for your light fixtures. Use a pry bar to remove the trim around the lights.

Step 7: Remove the Carpet

To remove the carpet, score it down the center and across the middle using a sharp utility knife for easy, clean cuts. After the carpet is loosened, roll it up.

Step 8: Remove the Trim and Cabinet Boxes

Use a pry bar to remove the trim from around the windows.

Unscrew and take off the doors and cabinet boxes.