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How To Decorate With Words

Learn how to trace and paint a favorite saying onto a wall.

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use paintbrush or paint pens to fill in words
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    $1 - $50

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Find a Quote

Find books at the public library that include different typefaces, or print out some of the different fonts available on a computer. Determine how big the quote will be on the wall. Take the printout of the quote to a copy store and have it enlarged to fit the scale of the wall or the space on the wall where it will go.

print out quote in different fonts

Step 2: Mark the Wall Where the Quote Will Go

Using a level, draw a straight line with a pencil where the quote will go. The quote can go anywhere on the wall -- up at the top near the ceiling, at chair-rail height, or in the middle of the wall. The quote essentially takes the place of a picture.

quote essentially takes place of picture

Step 3: Trace the Quote Onto the Wall

Place a piece of transfer paper (available at a craft or art-supply store) along the line you've drawn, and put the photocopied word on top of the transfer paper. Tape it to the wall with painter's tape. Make sure you're working with transfer paper, which has a carbon below it, not tracing paper. Then trace the letters with a pencil, pressing firmly so the pencil point will leave an outline on the wall. This is a time-consuming process, and for best results you shouldn't hurry through it.

Step 4: Fill in the Words with Paint

Once the words are traced, go back in with a paintbrush or paint pens to first outline and then fill in the words. If you like, use metallic pens to highlight the painted words or make different words different colors for emphasis.