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How to Cut and Grout Tiles

Host Paul Ryan gives step-by-step instructions on how to cut tiles with a wet saw and finish a tile floor by grouting the tile.

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cut and grout tiles
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Cut the Tiles

Cut tile for the corners and other areas with a tile or wet saw. The water cools the blade and reduces the dust when the tile is cut.

The secret to cutting with a wet saw is not to force the tile through or apply too much pressure or the blade will bind and give you a bad cut.

Note: You can rent a tile or wet saw from a local rental retailer for approximately $50 to $75 a day.

cut tile with tile or wet saw

Step 2: Set Tiles Along the Walls and in Corners

When you have to fit small pieces of tile along a wall or in a corner, it can be difficult to apply thinset to the floor. In this case, just apply the thinset to the back of the small tile piece.

Wait 24 hours before grouting in order to let the tile set up.

Note: Grout is a major design component in any tiling job and there are a ton of different colors from which to choose.

choosing the grout color

Step 3: Mix the Grout

Start the grouting process by using sanded grout to add body to the mix. Stir the grout mixture to about the same consistency as the thinset you mixed for the underlayment.

Tip: Grout dries quickly, so don't mix too much at one time.

Step 4: Apply Grout to the Tiles

Use a float for this job. Hold it at a 45-degree angle and then spread the grout across the tile. The float gently forces the grout into the seams.

Remove most of the grout on the first pass.

spread grout across tile

Step 5: Sponge the Grout

Let the grout set for a few minutes until it starts to set up, then go back over it with a sponge. If you sponge over wet grout too quickly, you can pull it right out of the seam -- so go at a slow, even pace.

Let the grout dry overnight before you walk on it.




  • Radiant floor heating system (STEP Warmfloor) from Electro Plastics Inc.
  • Porcelain tile (Song/model: VS105/color: Nero) from Crossville Poreclain Stone