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How To Create Stenciled Window Treatments

These window shades go from dull to designer with this unique stenciling technique.

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create stenciled window treatments
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Draw the first circle

Determine where the graphic will be placed on the first shade and draw circles using the pushpin, string and pencil (Image 1). To draw smaller circles, the string is rolled around the pencil to the desired width and secured in place with tape (Image 2).

Step 2: Paint the circle

The circle is divided into quadrants. Using small artist's brushes, Shannon applies Brown Sugar paint to the exterior circle; Dove White paint is used to fill in alternating circle quadrants.

divide circle into quadrants

Step 3: Stencil the circle

A stencil of the number 3 is taped in the center of the circle (Image 1). A stippling brush is dipped in Golden Acrylic Lamp Black paint, blotted on paper toweling to remove excess paint and pounced over the stencil (hold the stencil in place while pouncing to prevent paint bleed) (Image 2). The process is repeated for numbers 1 and 2 on the additional two room shades.