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How to Create Granite Posts

Granite posts create a finished appearance at each end of a curved wall.

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granite posts set on ends give finished look


Step 1: Choose Granite

Choose a piece of granite long/tall enough to sit about 1-1/2' above the height of your round stone wall, and at least 12" wide. Any less will be difficult to split in half.

Step 2: Split the Granite

To begin, divide the granite in half with a pencil and square. Trace the pencil line with the diamond blade grinder all the way around the piece of granite. Scoring the granite creates a control joint for splitting. Drill a hole every few inches about 3-4 inches deep along the scored line with the carbide drill bit. Pouring water on the granite while drilling makes the cutting process easier and reduces the wear and tear of the carbide bit.Place the feathers and wedges into the waiting spaces and hit them with your stone hammer until the granite splits. Hit the wedges equally so the stone splits evenly across.

hit feather and wedge with stone hammer to split

Step 3: Set the Post

Dig a hole 12" deep in which to set the post (Image 1), followed with a few shovels of mortar (Image 2). Next, they adjusted the post until it was "plum" or level vertically.