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How To Create Faux Stone Walls

Damaged bedroom walls gain dimension and texture when layered with wall compound and finished with green paint and black glaze.

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walls gain depth and texture with wall compound
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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Apply the Wall Compound

Wearing rubber gloves, use the trowel to apply a 1/4" layer of wall compound to the wall. Don't bother to smooth the surface evenly: it will be textured in the next step.

apply layer of wall compound to wall

Step 2: Create the Texture

After the compound has set for about a half hour, place the trowel flat on the surface and pull away to achieve a textured effect. Immediately smooth over the peaked surface with the flat of the trowel, swirling a bit if desired, so the overall finish is flat, with craters underneath. Let the surface dry for 24 to 48 hours.

pull away with trowel to achieve textured effect

Step 3: Paint On the Base Coat

Apply a base coat of paint to the wall and let dry.

Step 4: Apply the Glaze

Mix together equal parts glazing medium and the paint selected as a top coat. Apply the glaze very liberally with a sponge or cloth, covering the surface but wiping on the glaze in no particular direction.

apply glaze very liberally on surface

Step 5: Wipe off the Excess Glaze

Use a clean rag to immediately wipe the excess glaze from the wall, allowing it to settle in the cracks and crevices.