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How to Create Custom Concrete Countertops

Add versatility to the kitchen area with a concrete countertop you construct from scratch. A mixture of quick-dry concrete and Portland cement provides a sturdy surface, which can be customized with leaf imprints.

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  • Time

    Two Days

  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Construct Base and Form

First, construct the countertop base using 2x4s and plywood. Next, construct the form for the countertop, using the same materials and based on the size of the base and your own design preferences. Once the form is attached to the base, drop in a sheet of metal lathe for rigidity.

Step 2: Mix Cement

Mix together a combination of quick-drying concrete and Portland cement, making sure to follow the directions. Determine the amount needed, based on the measurements of the area.

Step 3: Pour Cement

Pour the cement into the form. To level the surface, smooth and spread the mixture with a trowel. Let the concrete set for 2 hours and repeat.

Step 4: Finishing

For a custom touch, add a design to the top. Press leaves into the surface for a rustic look. Allow 24 hours for the concrete to set completely and remove the forms. Seal the surface. Now your cool and custom work is ready to be shown off.