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How to Create an Overhead Storage System

Garages offer an excellent storage location but need organization. By adding overhead storage, you can save space while still fulfilling your needs. Learn how to create an overhead storage shelf with these easy step-by-step directions.

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create an overhead storage shelf
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Locate Joists

First, decide where the unit will work best for you.

Locate and determine the direction of the ceiling joists. If needed, use a stud finder.

Do not use more than two units on any two joists.

Step 2: Measure Brackets

Once you have located the center of the ceiling joists, place the support bar against the ceiling and along the center of the joist.

Pencil-mark the outside holes of the support bar.

Match the center hole of the first set of angle brackets over the marks on the ceiling you just made.

Step 3: Attach the Brackets

Drive a sinker nail into the center hole of the bracket. Pull down on the bracket to ensure you hit the joist. If it doesn’t pull out, finish driving the nail.

Drill through the remaining two holes in the bracket and install the 1/4x3" screws through the angle bracket.

Repeat the process for the remaining pair of ceiling brackets. The second pair should be in line with the first set of brackets.

Step 4: Connect Downrods

Connect the four two-piece downrod sections at the desired length using two 1/4x1-1/2" hex bolts and nut and tighten.

Connect one of the completed downrod assemblies on each end of the support bar and tighten.

Next, connect the two downrod support bars assemblies to the center holes of the angle brackets you previously installed in the joists.

Step 5: Attach and Connect Grids

Now, place one of the 15" large grids across the support bar downrod assemblies. Repeat with the second 15" wire grid.

Place the 13" wire grid between the two wire grids. Be sure when connected the wire grids are positioned evenly.

Connect the two outer wire grids to each support bar using the 2" carriage bold and 1/4" serrated nut.

Connect inner wire grid to the outer wire grids.

Check all connections once a year and tighten as needed.