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How to Create a Unique Game Room

Whether your passion is baseball, darts or shooting pool consider creating a game room. Keep these tips in mind when designing the space.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Plan Based on Size of Space

A common mistake is trying to fit too much into a small space, so plan your room according to its use.

Ping-pong is a popular choice but it requires 9 feet for the table plus room on all sides. Allow a minimum of 6 feet of space on the ends of a ping-pong table and at least 4 feet of space on the sides.

Billiards is another fun option; just allow enough room for taking a clear shot. The amount of space you'll need for clear shots around your pool table width depends on the size of the table and the length of the cue sticks.

Step 3: Consider Small Games for Tight Spaces

If space is at a premium, consider games such as foosball, bumper pool or multi-game tables that convert easily for a variety of games.

A dartboard is always a good choice but locate it in an area away from foot traffic. If there are children in the home, consider installing an electronic dartboard that doesn’t have sharp tipped darts that can cause injury.

Step 4: Add Handmade Touches

Adding handmade items that promote your favorite teams and sports helps make the room uniquely your own. Don’t forget to save some space for hanging out for the big game.