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How to Create a Smart Home

Smart technology can give your home added value and convenience.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Use a Remote-Control Maintenance System

A remote-controlled home maintenance system hooks to your cable or DSL service via your broadband router. It lets you control lighting from any room in the house, your car, even from your cell phone or computer. It can also be attached to pipes so you can tell from afar if they’re in danger of freezing.

Remote temperature sensors monitor your home for extreme conditions and notify you via telephone or e-mail of power failure, water leaks and changes in humidity. A cellular network extender works like a personal cell phone tower to eliminate dead zones.

Step 3: Install Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks use individual entry codes to let you know who comes and goes, no matter where you are. Installation is easier if the new lock matches existing door holes. The cable for the electronic keypad goes over the deadbolt and be sure to straighten the lock before you tighten it. Program the lock and set up controls on your computer and cell phone.

Step 4: Save on Energy Costs

A smart thermostat saves energy costs by heating and cooling your home only as needed; plus you can access it via your computer or PDA no matter where you are. A smart hot-water heater customizes and remembers shower temperatures for everyone in your family.