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How To Create a Mosaic Bar Top

To add more color to a kitchen, add a mosaic bar top using glass tile.

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    $250 - $500

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Step 1: Install a Backer Board

If the current countertop is not suitable to be covered in tile, install a cement backer board on top of the existing countertop. Drop a chalk line onto the cement backer board to find the center. It's a good idea to wear rubber gloves when working with adhesive.

Step 2: Begin Tiling the Countertop

Apply adhesive directly to the back of the 4" tile square with a notched trowel (Image 1). Place the tile in the center of the cement backer board and work outward. Add adhesive to the cement backer board with a notched trowel (Image 2) and continue tiling. Because it is a mosaic, there is no set pattern. The tiles can fit together in any form or color.

Step 3: Make Sure the Tiles are Spaced Evenly

Use spacers to separate the larger tiles. Spacers come in many sizes, depending on the grout line desired. Let dry overnight.