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How to Create a Home Sports Center

Are you a sports fan who hates to miss a single second of team action? Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to create a sports room that includes a plasma screen and two monitors on one wall.

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creating a home sports center

Step 1: Create a Plan

Create a plan on paper before beginning construction to see what configuration will work best for the room. Computer programs are available to make this task easier and allow you to switch between different room views or plans.

Step 2: Remove the Baseboard

With a plan in hand, begin to build the framework that will support the monitors. Score the top of the baseboard with a utility knife, and use a pry bar to pry it away from the wall.

Step 3: Remove Any Carpet

Measure the area where the wall will be installed (figure A). Use a utility knife to cut any carpet along the edge of the lumber (figure B). Pull away any carpet and padding from the area. Remove a tackless strip if there is one.

Step 4: Mark the Placement of the New Wall

After the carpet is removed, nail the 2 x 4 directly to the subfloor to mark the placement of the bottom of the new wall (this is now the sole plate). Scribe a line on the existing wall that will mark the edge of the new wall and the placement of the new top plate.

Step 5: Attach a Top Plate

Nail the top plate into the rafters, and add a second top plate as needed to bring the wall down to the height needed.

nail top plate into rafters

Step 6: Attach the End Studs

Measure for the end studs, and cut and nail them into place. Measure and cut the studs that will create the outside edge of the box that will hold the upper monitors, and nail them to the top plate.

cut and nail studs into place

Step 7: Anchor a Cleat

Create a cleat on the wall to support the shelves that will hold the upper TV monitors. Anchor it to the wall studs with a framing nailer.

anchor cleat to wall studs with framing nailer

Step 8: Add the Framing

Add shelving supports and framing for the larger plasma screen. Add 2 x 4 spacers between the two levels of monitors. Continue building the framing to your specific plans.

add shelving support and framing for larger screen

Step 9: Create Openings

Nail drywall to the framing (image 1), and cut holes in the drywall for the monitors. First, make pilot holes at each corner of the area to be removed. Cut the area away using a drywall saw (image 2).

Step 10: Apply Joint Compound

Apply the first coat of joint compound, or "drywall mud". Apply it smoothly to the seams and nail holes.

Step 11: Install the Shelves

Install the upper right TV monitor shelf, making sure it's flush with the surrounding wall before securing it with screws. Install the second shelf in the same manner.

install upper right TV monitor shelf