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How to Create a Home Office

With a little planning and a few tools, you can create a home office designated specifically for you.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Maximize Your Workspace

Begin with a desk free of clutter, so starting a new task is easier. To maximize your workspace, consider an all-in-one machine. Rein in the electronics. Keep those unsightly cords under control by using zip ties, hook and loop tape, or covers that house multiple wires and cables.

Step 3: Organize Paperwork

Create separate files for personal and professional documents. Designate areas for each to either file, or store in labeled bins or boxes. Create a station for incoming and outgoing. This will help to keep track of the flow to and from the office. In the incoming bin, place bills, paperwork for filing, permission slips, etc. In the outgoing, place items that need to go out the next time you leave the house...outgoing mail, notes for school, etc. For storage, go up, rather than out. Keep frequently used items close at hand, while storing others within easy reach.

Step 4: Reduce Fatigue With a Good Chair

When it comes to office chairs, styles with adjustable arms and back support reduce fatigue. When setting up your new computer, talk to a qualified technician to help make sure your new network will be as efficient as your new home office.