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How to Create a Divider Storage Unit

Follow these steps to build a DIY shelving unit that will add functional storage space to your bathroom.

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    $50 - $100

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Plan Storage Unit

First determine the size and space where you will be putting the unit, and figure out how you want the shelving organized.

Step 2: Mark Shelf Locations on Plywood

Take two pieces of plywood (these will be the sides of the unit) and use a pencil and measuring tape to mark where you want each shelf to go.

Step 3: Install Shelves

Working with one piece of plywood first (one side of the storage unit), begin to set the shelves. Spread wood glue on the edges to help secure each side (Image 1). Nail securely with a brad nailer (Image 2). When you have one side of the shelves complete, flip the unit over and repeat that step for the opposite side (Image 3).

TIP: Using wood glue in addition to nails will help keep the unit secure in a moist bathroom environment.

Step 4: Finish With MDF Board

Once frame is complete, use MDF to cover the front of a few shelves to create the look of a built-in unit.

Step 5: Paint Unit

Once the unit is in place, paint surface and let dry.

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