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How to Create a Custom Vanity from Stock Cabinets

Custom furniture is typically an expensive design choice. Take out the middleman and make this bathroom beauty yourself.

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Step 1: Measure the Area

Measure the space that you have for your vanity. Order enough stock cabinets to fill the space. Also, if more storage is needed, consider ordering smaller cabinets to go on top of the vanity countertop.

Step 2: Cut Cabinets to Size

Cut all cabinets to desired size/angle with circular saw to fit in the space. (Always wear eye protection when working with a circular saw.)

Step 3: Prepare Cabinets for Staining

Lightly sand all outside surfaces of the cabinetry that will be stained.

Step 4: Apply Wood Stain

Wearing rubber gloves to protect your skin, apply the wood stain with a clean fabric towel, wiping away excess as you go. Let dry overnight.

TIP: For easy application, use unfinished cabinetry so the stain adheres more easily to the surface.

Step 5: Apply Polyurethane

Once the wood stain has dried, apply polyurethane with a foam brush and let dry.

Step 6: Install Bottom Cabinets

Install the bottom vanity cabinets and secure to the back wall with a power drill.

Step 7: Lay the Countertop

Once the bottom cabinets are secure, lay the pre-cut granite countertop on top of the cabinets and seal underneath with silicone.

Step 8: Install Top Cabinets

After the countertop is set, place the final two cabinets on top of each end of the vanity and secure to the back wall with a drill.

Step 9: Create Apron for Lighting

Frame out the top part of the vanity with oak 2x4s to create an apron for lighting above.

Step 10: Add Cabinet Doors

Re-hang the cabinet doors.

Step 11: Install Lighting

If you want to add a lighting feature above the vanity, consult an electrician for wiring, and install two small canned lights above vanity.

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