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How to Create a Custom Countertop

A custom countertop can really add excitement and utility to a room. In this case, learn how to make a laminate countertop for producing crafts.

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make laminate countertop for producing crafts
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Create Counter

Transfer measurements of counter to plywood.

Use a table saw to cut plywood to size, making two pieces for each counter (the wood will be stacked).

Spread wood glue evenly on one of the pieces of plywood (Image 1). Fold one piece onto the other and secure using wood screws about every 12-14" (Image 2).

Step 2: Cut Trim and Laminate

Cut oak trim to fit all around the counter where it does not touch a wall. Affix oak trim using a finish nailer (Image 1).

Transfer measurements of counter to laminate, leaving a few extra inches all the way around, and mark with chalk line (Image 2). Cut to size using skill saw.

Step 3: Attach Laminate

Spread a generous amount of laminate adhesive on the laminate (Image 1) and top of the counter. Allow the adhesive to dry a little, then place wood lath slats onto the glued side of the counter. Place the laminate onto the slats and position as desired over counter.

Remove the middle slats one at a time and using the "J" roller, roll the laminate into place being sure to remove any air bubbles from under the laminate (Image 2). Do this until all the slats are removed.

Step 4: Trim off the Excess Laminate

Use the router to trim off the excess laminate and to give the edges a good soft corner.

trim off excess laminate

Step 5: Finish the Counter

Install the legs to the bottom of the counter with dowels and wood glue.

Install a ledger board on the wall and attach the counter to it from underneath. Use L-brackets to secure.

install legs to bottom of counter