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How to Create a Custom Branch Chandelier

Add rusticity to the kitchen with a custom light fixture crafted from branches gathered in your own yard. Wood glue, zip ties and simple electrical supplies pull this easy project together in minutes.

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Step 1: Weave Branches

Search your yard for branches or purchase them from a local crafts store. The number of branches you need depends on the size of chandelier you want. Remove the greenery and weave the branches together until you achieve the desired look. Secure your design with zip ties.

Step 2: Electrical Wires

Choose a few thicker branches to hold the UL light bulbs and wires. Cut each branch down to size and, using a forsner bit, notch an opening in the top. Then slice a small opening down the length of each branch. Attach UL electrical wires to a UL-approved socket and place a socket in each opening, feeding the wire down through the branch. Screw a bulb in each socket.

Step 3: Bulbs

Fill openings with glue, place the UL electrical wires on top and secure with zip ties. Once the glue is dry, remove the zip ties. Finish your project by filling in any bare spots with more branches.