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How to Create a Custom Bathroom Built-In

No need to hire a contractor to build this unit. Follow these steps to add style, storage and value to your bath.

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Step 1: Cut Plywood to Fit Space

Cut a 4” x 8” sheet of plywood to fit the space and form the top face of the built-in.

Step 2: Drill Holes in 1x4s

Using the Kreg jig, drill holes in all 1” x 4” boards to create pocket joints for the frame.

Step 3: Create Frame

Lay a bead of wood glue along the edges of the 1” x 4” boards (Image 1). Connect the joints together, and secure tight with a clamp (Image 2). Once clamped, drill through the pocket joints to secure the pieces together (Image 3). Repeat this step until you have a frame with three sections where the shelves will go.

Step 4: Sand the Frame

Once the face frame is complete, use an orbital sander to smooth over the entire surface, making sure the joints are smooth.

Step 5: Build Top Shelf

Using the Kreg jig again, drill into four 1” x 6” boards to create pocket joints and repeat step three to create a box. Lay a bead of wood glue along the edge of the whole box (Image 1) and place on the back of the face frame to create the top shelf (Image 2). Drill together to secure.

Step 6: Finish Top Shelf With Beadboard

Lay wood glue on the backside of the box and lay beadboard to close out the back. Use nail gun to secure pieces.

Step 7: Create Bottom Shelves

Use extra plywood to create shelf bottoms for the lower two sections, creating a unit with a top shelf and two lower storage cabinets.

Step 8: Paint Unit

Place the frame into the wall and secure it (Image 1). Paint the entire frame and shelf your desired color (Image 2).

Step 9: Decorate Cabinet Doors

Take your basic cabinet door and attach the tin ceiling tile (painted to match the built-in before installation) to the front with a finish nailer. Attach trim pieces to frame out the door. Repeat this step for the second door.

TIP: Use molding and trim on the cabinet doors to add a unique architectural detail.

Step 10: Attach Cabinet Doors

Attach hinges to the doors, and connect to the lower two sections of the built-in face frame.

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