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How to Create a Chessboard Patio (page 2 of 2)

This attractive patio adds a modern look to the landscape and doubles as a game board.

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How to Get Your Game On:

Step 4: Pour Concrete

Pour concrete into the squares that don't have stakes in the middle of them. The concrete will go in the open areas between the square frames so they measure exactly 2' x 2'. Once the squares are poured, trowel the top until it's smooth (Image 1). Add a powder color hardener over the top if you would like a pop of color and trowel it in until it's incorporated. You can choose from a number of different finishes. The easiest finish is a broom finish, which is achieved by dragging a clean broom evenly over the top of the concrete. This patio was finished with a concrete stamp.

Once the concrete has set up about 24 hours later, remove the frames (Image 2). Add a sealer to protect the concrete (Image 3).

Step 5: Install Sod

To keep the maintenance low on the patio, install a double-dwarf fescue sod. This variety grows slower than others so it doesn't need to be mowed as frequently.

To install, fill the open boxes halfway up with soil and unroll the sod right on top (Image 1). Use a sod knife to cut off the excess so it fits into the square (Image 2). Push the sod into the soil below so it makes contact. Water the sod often until it's established and wait to mow it until it doesn't pull up when you tug at it.

To blend this patio in with the landscape, install the lower-maintenance sod all around the new patio.

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