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How To Create A Building-Block Shelf

Cool and colorful, these shelves for kids' walls are winners.

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floating shelf made from colorful building blocks
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Step 1: Build a Shelf Out of Blocks

Build a shelf with the pegs of the blocks facing out. As you build up the blocks, make sure all pieces are interlocking, so the entire unit can be picked up at once with no splits. Reinforce the blocks with hot glue while building. B. Original host Michele Beschen built her shelves at least three rows of blocks deep.

hot glue building blocks to reinforce for shelves

Step 2: Hang the Shelves

To hang, cut small blocks of wood the same size as the opening in the back of the plastic blocks. Determine how many are needed to support each shelf.
Mount the blocks on the wall, lining them up with a level. To hang the shelf, fit the shelf over the blocks and screw in place through the top of the shelf.

mount blocks to wall and level

Step 3: Decorate the Shelves

Top off the shelving with feather duster flowers: Add a painted wooden ball to the center of a colorful feather duster and use floral tape to cover the handle. Attach a few artificial leaves while wrapping the tape. Arrange the finished flowers in clear glass vases or in jars filled with colorful acrylic beads.