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How to Create a Backyard Dining Room

A plain backyard can easily become "entertainment central" for family and friends with this DIY Basic, brought to you by Kmart.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Lay out a Pathway

A sheltered, level spot near the house is a good choice for the focal point of the new gathering spot. Simple stepping stones placed as far apart as a normal stride make a welcoming pathway.

The best way to lay out a pathway is to pace it off. Stepping stones should be far enough apart for normal stride. Mark the position of each with sand or water-based paint. Dig and level a hole for each stone 1/2-inch larger in diameter and as deep as the thickness of the stone. Spread a thin layer of sand on the bottom, about 1/3 inch. Lay each stone then stomp on it to make it stable.

Step 3: Find a Table and Buffet

A flea market table can be perfect for outdoor meals – and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Give it a quick cleaning and a coat of primer and exterior paint.

A buffet for serving dishes, drinks and extra utensils can be made out of rustic logs with a 12-inch board on top. Just screw in the legs and you’re done. There’s plenty of room underneath for ice chests and coolers.

Step 4: Add a Cleaning Kit and Lighting

A handy cleaning kit for spills and tidying up will save many trips back to the house (Image 1). Exterior rope lights will help brighten the space at night (Image 2). Add some lightweight indoor/outdoor dining chairs and you’ll be ready for a season of great outdoor parties.