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How to Create a Backsplash from Recycled Tile

When remodeling your kitchen, recycled tiles made from glass can create a unique backsplash. Learn how to install a backsplash with these easy steps.

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recycled glass makes unique kitchen backsplash


Step 1:

Step 2: Prepare to Lay Tile

Measure the area to be tiled and sketch it out on a large piece of paper. You can take this template and begin laying out your tile in a random pattern. They can be attached by spreading a layer of thinset and working in a small area keeps the adhesive from drying out.

When working with glass tiles, a latex thinset won’t shrink and lose its bond with the non-absorbent glass. Once you’ve applied the thinset with notches, you can smooth them out a little so they won’t show through.

use thinset and work in small areas to attach tile

Step 3: Lay the Recycled Tile

If you have a break in the countertop due to an appliance, a 2" x 4" mounted to the wall will help to maintain a level base. Use spacers between tiles to keep a uniform pattern, but if they don’t line up perfectly, that’s okay. Once grout is applied many of those imperfections will become less noticeable.

Once the tiles have been applied to the backsplash and have set, apply grout with a float. Hold the float at a 45-degree angle and spread grout over the tiles in various directions to make sure it is forced down into the grout lines. Using recycled materials is a green approach to re-modeling and you’ll get great looking results.

2 X 4 on wall helps maintain a level base for tile