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How To Create a 3-D Collage Backsplash

This one-of-a-kind idea demonstrates how to display your favorite collection, from silverware to shells, in a 3-D collage.

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Step 1: Take the Measurements

Measure the dimensions of your backsplash. Using a large sheet of paper or cardboard, transfer the measurements to the paper, then use scissors to cut a template. Set the template in place and tweak it until it fits the backsplash area perfectly.

Step 2: Cut the Template and the Laminate

Lay the template over the luan plywood and transfer the measurements. Use the jigsaw to cut out a footprint of your backsplash from the lauan. Use safety precautions when cutting the plywood.

To add a dash of color, layer a piece of laminate over the plywood (we used bright red). Using the same template, transfer the footprint of the backsplash onto the laminate then cut the laminate with the saw, exercising safety precautions. Lay the laminate over the plywood.

Step 3: Prepare for Attaching the Hardware

Nail together the 1" x 2"s create a frame around the backsplash's footprint so the resin will have a place to pool.

Since this is a heavy project, we recommend securing the backsplash into the wall studs. Find them with a stud finder (available at hardware stores), then mark the measurements on the laminate.

Drill holes in the location for the mounting hardware, then insert clear drinking straws upright in the holes. As you pour the resin, it will dry around the straws, giving you a channel through which you can easily insert the hardware.

Spray the form with cooking spray to make it easier to remove the backsplash.

Step 4: Mix and Pour the Resin

Measure out the resin and add the hardening catalyst. Mix thoroughly according to the manufacturer's directions.

Fill the mold about one-third full, then wait about 25 minutes to let it harden to a jelly-like consistency.

Place the silverware or other objects in the resin.

Pour a second layer of resin, repeating the same process as for the first. Don't overfill the mold. In all, our mold took three layers of resin to complete.

Let the mold cure for 24 hours. The mold should make a clicking sound when tapped and should not be tacky to the touch. Remove the form.

Step 5: Place the Backsplash

Apply construction adhesive to the back of your resin backsplash according to the manufacturer's instructions. Put the backsplash in place.

Install the finish screws and grommets in the holes created by straws.