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How to Construct Fabric Panels

If you want to dress up your walls with more than just paint, try constructing these colorful, textured fabric panels.

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Step 1: Prepare the Plywood and Fabric

Cut a sheet of plywood to the desired size for your panel using the table saw (ours was 24" x 64"). Cut the fabric to size for the panel, ensuring plenty of excess on all four sides of the panel. Double up the batting and cut it to the length of the panel, ensuring a small overhang on the top and bottom. Place the batting on top of the fabric. Place the panel on top of the fabric and batting.

Step 2: Attach the Fabric to the Plywood

Pull the fabric tight and staple it onto the back of the panel, about two inches apart, all the way around the edge. If necessary, hammer the staples securely into place. Cut excess fabric off the back.

Step 3: Attach the Panel to the Wall

Using the table saw, cut 3/4" plywood into three 18" x 4" pieces. Using the chop saw, create a 45-degree angle on one of the 18-inch sides of each piece.

Attach one piece onto the back of the fabric panel (one inch from the top) using construction adhesive and 1-1/4" wood screws (Image 1). The 45-degree angle should be on the bottom, with the angle going towards the panel. Attach another piece one inch from the bottom using construction adhesive and wood screws. This will give added depth to the panel so it’s flush with the top part.

Attach the final piece onto the wall (1-foot, 4-inches below where you want the top of the panel to rest on the wall) using 2" wood screws. The 45-degree angle should be on top, with the angle going towards the wall. Be sure everything is nice and level (Image 2).

Rest the fabric panel’s cleat on top of the cleat attached to the wall. It will not need any other support and can be taken down at any time with minimal effort!