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How to Construct an Arched Column Headboard

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to construct a headboard with a column arch.

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Step 1: Sketch a Design

Draw an arch design on the drywall, and cut two copies of the design out using a utility knife.

Step 2: Attach the Arches to the Wall

Locate the wall studs, and use screws to attach the drywall arches onto the wall. Elevate the area for tile work. In this example, the two layers elevate the surface 1" from the underlying wall.

attach drywall arches onto wall

Step 3: Cut the Chair Rail and Liners

Use a wet saw to cut the chair rail and metal accent liners in half.

Step 4: Set the Chair Rail

To set the arch design, begin by setting the bottom row of the chair rail. Apply mastic to the back of each tile and position them, pressing gently into place. After setting a few of the tiles, use a sponge to wipe away excess mastic.

set the arch design

Step 5: Set the Metal Liners

Set the metal liners, starting in the middle to center the medallion, and then working out to the sides.

set the metal liners and medallion

Step 6: Set the Last Tiles

To complete the arch, add another row of chair rail at the top. Finish working down, and set the last of the porcelain stone and metal tiles.

add another row of chair rail complete arch

Step 7: Create an Open Look

Drop down, leaving a portion of exposed wall between the arch and the headboard and create an open look. This will also prevent the need for making angled cuts along the line.

Step 8: Begin Installing the Headboard

To construct the headboard, begin with the same technique used to build up the mounting surface used for the arch and capitals. This will not only create depth, but will also allow for easy removal of the entire project with little damage to the surrounding wall.

Step 9: Start at the Center

To set the headboard, mark a center point. Next, place the first piece of quarter round on the center line and work towards the columns. Cut the final piece of the run to fit and set it into place.

Step 10: Create a Diagonal Pattern

Cut all the tiles to be used for the top, bottom and sides. Cut them in half from corner to corner to create a diagonal pattern.

Step 11: Cut the Tiles

Apply mastic to about half of the headboard using a 3/8" notched trowel. Set the first metal accent tile. Place four porcelain stone tiles together, and set a metal tile in the center. Trace around it and cut the tiles on wet saw.

Step 12: Set the Headboard Tile

Set the first four cut tiles into position and use 3/16" spacers to keep them evenly spaced. Set the first metal tile into place, and continue setting the tile across the headboard.

Step 13: Finish the Headboard

Nearing the first column, finish the end off by placing the last few tiles on the wall, and then adhere the remaining half-tiles along the top, bottom and sides. Work from the center of the headboard outward toward the opposing column.